About Us

Our mission is to help dogs and owners live the best possible lives together by providing the proper training, tools and knowledge. Resulting in lifelong bonds and relationships with Doggos!
Since opening The Doggo in 2021, we have successfully trained Doggos, have helped guide their owners through ups and down, and implemented the foundation for dog owners to experience the most incredible bond with their dog that only grow stronger throughout their life together.
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Our Story

“Lifelong animal lover family excited to serve you and your Doggo”
Juan & Francesca – Founders
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Who we are

We believe every dog is different, every owner has different needs and therefore every training approach is unique to that single client. That is why we cater to each owner and dog while always striving for the best possible experience for both.
We value the trust, and approach every client (both human and dog) with compassion. All dogs have the potential to be happy, obedient, and confident dogs and we believe there are no bad dogs, just miscommunication, or bad behaviors being reinforced without knowing.
It is our mission to change dog’s lives for the better and to provide a safe and fun environment for the Doggos on our care.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are no size or breed restrictions. The minimum age requirement is 4 months old with all the vaccines up to date.

We customize our training techniques to each dog and owner’s needs and goals. Applying our balanced training approach and multiple practice repetitions each day for a minimum of 3 weeks to create the habit and make it easier for you to apply and maintain at home.


Our system consists of training the dog first, and then the owner. This way dogs understand what is being asked of them by the “Go Home Session” and it’s easier on the owner’s part to administer/learn (with the appropriate tone, hand signal, and form) a command and to get their dog to perform correctly. This creates an easy transition from the board and train program, into the home. 


Our goal is to make training a fun, positive and encouraging experience for you and your dog, strengthening the bond between you and your dog and promoting the highest training results!


You will feel more confident as your puppy's leader and begin enjoying the benefits of an obedient Dog immediately!

Absolutely, the main goal in training dogs of this temperament type is to build confidence in the dog through teaching basic obedience exercises such as down, place, recall, stay, leash walking, among other commands. The first step is gaining trust from the dog, the second step in training is to rehabilitate the dog to create new default behavior. In cases of fear-aggression, confidence is key to teaching the dog how to become trustworthy. In cases of submissive or sensitive dogs, clarity and confidence is key.

We try to stay on top of any possible illness and take necessary precautions. However, just like with kids at school or daycare, viruses may be passed between dogs. If your dog comes down with anything contagious, he/she must stay home until your vet says it’s okay to return.

If it’s an emergency, we will transport him/her to the nearest vet immediately and then call you and/or your emergency contact. If it is a non-emergency, we will try to reach you or your emergency contact first to see how you would like us to handle it.

Health and safety are of upmost importance to us. We do everything in our power to maintain a clean, safe, and healthy environment for our dogs.


Dogs must be current on all their vaccinations, always, and provide proof of vaccinations throughout enrollment. This includes the following: Rabies, Bordetella, & DHLP/DA2PP.


Dogs must also be free of any parasites and be on a flea and tick protection treatment.


In addition, every dog must pass a health check before admittance. Any dog exhibiting a potential health concern will not be allowed to attend boarding until the problem is resolved. This is in the best interest of the sick dog and every other dog in the facility, in order to maintain the healthiest environment possible.


Dogs train and play in a fenced-in area with secured exit ways to ensure no dog can slip out.  


The facility is cleaned and sanitized continuously throughout the day with safe, pet-friendly disinfectants, to ensure the top level of cleanliness.


Each dog drinks and eats from their own individual food and water bowls.